crestina , no 1-3/2006



2006– NO.1-3 (Ianuarie-Martie, 2006 ) – VOL. 49, ISSUE 1-3


Romanian - Limba Română


Words cannot express the deep sorrow that lies within us at this moment. Actions cannot change the sad truth of the situation. Yet, we must be strong.

We have to be strong because that is what Papu would have wanted. But, at the same time, its difficult to pretend as if nothing is wrong. Its like being stuck in a horrible nightmare and not being able to wake up. Looking at him at this very instant,  feels as if he'll open his eyes smiling like he always did, ready to tell us his stories we so long for.

Papu, it feels as if you'll wake up any minute from those long afternoon naps that you used to take and drive to the bank in your red Volvo to pick up your “pensie.” Well, the pensie hasn't been picked up for months, and the red Volvo isn't anywhere to be seen.

Papu, you were more than a grandfather, you were our second father. We learned so many things from you and today we appreciate those things more than ever.

This entire week has been so unreal and we refuse to believe that he is gone. Its Christmas, and every year around this time we would go over Papu's house, only to see him waiting for us at the head of the table with a roll of twenties in his hand. And, Christmas would not be complete without Dadi yelling out to Papu for something he did and him ignoring her because he knew he would make us laugh. This year, when we walk through the door, the head of the table will be empty and there will be no laughing. Who will sit there tomorrow and have us line up, eagerly waiting for that crisp twenty. Who will Dadi yell out to and who will make us laugh? This is the harsh reality we must all face at some point in our lives, and no matter how much we try to avoid it; its inevitable. All we have now are the memories and it is through those memories we will always keep Papu alive.

These past five months have been the most painful for all of us, especially for Papu. Even though all odds were against him, he fought his battles until the end; in hopes that he would make it home. Nobody at the hospital understood, not even the doctors, how he made it through the most difficult of times. To us, he was invincible. Everyone was so impressed by his will to live and his strength thus so far, that they started calling him superman; and he was. Nothing brought him down. Papu didn't want much. He just wanted to go home, sit in front of the Romanian network with us, and joke around; to enjoy the simplest of things in life. But, he never made it home. We have to remember, that he is in a better place now, free from any pain and suffering. He is looking down on us at this very moment, admiring all of us and the respect we have all shown. Papu has lived a glorious life and I know that he is extremely proud of all of us, just as we are of him. When he left, he left knowing that everyone is where they should be. He left smiling, like he always was.

There are so many questions in life we all wish we had answers to. However, the best we can do is sit back and look at the big picture so that we can envision what is truly important.

With that in mind, God we pray to you that you take care of Papu and that every single person gets the same chance Papu did; the chance to live, to love and to experience the most beautiful things in life; family and friends. We ask of you today to give us that same opportunity to see all of our children and grandchildren live happily ever after. It is then and only then it can be said: We have LIVED.

He was a pure soul; he was a real, live angel living on earth…in disguise as our grandfather.

Furthermore, we must not be afraid. We have absolutely nothing to fear. We all have the strongest guardian angel God could have ever bestowed upon anyone; and that guardian angel is Papu. He will be watching over us and guiding us and anytime we find ourselves in doubt, he will be there right where we need him: in our hearts.

So, we must take a deep breath, and dry our eyes because Papu will always be our superman. We love you so much Papu. May you rest in peace.

Alaturându-ne cu totii gândurilor exprimate de catre Georgiana, exprimam în final cele mai adânci condoleante îndoliatei familii GRASU, si rudeniilor apropiate, si rugam pe Bunul Dumnezeu sa faca vesnica odihna lui “papu Nicolae Grasu ”, primul “aromân” pe care parintele Constantin l-a întâlnit la venirea sa în Los Angeles, în 1982, când raposatul îl cauta pe parintele s-o boteze pe Georgiana.

Vesnica lui pomenire.

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