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Holy Trinity Church Fall Festival – November 3, 2007


Saturday November 3, 2007 (from 6:00-11:30 p.m.) at the above address

Romanian Folk Music, dance music, and traditional Romanian dances, with the “Timisul” Ensemble and orchestra (made out of 18 professional dancers and orchestra professionals), accompanied by two Romanian renowned singers Mihaela Belciu and Carmen Popovici Dumbrava, will come to Los Angeles especially for this event. “Timisul” Ensemble had performed in the last 10 years in European dance and singing competitions, as follows: Germany (with the first place), France, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria; while in 2001 & 2002 performed in many cities in the USA. The orchestra “Timisul” (8-10 dancers) – performs at large variety of musical instruments: violin, violoncello, accordion, organ, tarragon, saxophone, clarinet, ocarina; while the dancers of the “Timisul” Ensemble (6-8 couples) will interpret dances from all the regions of Romania. – The website of the “Bastina” Foundation of the Romanian Bessarabians in USA

Wherever destiny takes you, in moments of clear vision, your first desire is to meet your co-nationals, to help you feel at home, even though you are away from home. You can do just that by looking to find the Church of your ancestors, by joining the Church community, where people get together as sons and daughters of the Loving Heavenly Father.

The brothers and sisters from the East of Prut, living in California, made no exception when they left Bessarabia for the New World. They came to America with the urge to find an Orthodox Church. As they heard of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California, they wanted to integrate themselves into the life of this church.

On the Easter Feast-Day 2007, they have decided to strengthen the unity among brethren by establishing a true brotherly communion. Thus, a group of 15-20 Bessarabians from Southern California have decided to establish a fraternal charity Foundation, under the umbrella of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church on Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles.

“The Christening” (incorporation) of this Foundation was done by V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, parish priest of the Holy Trinity Church, and spiritual advisor of the Foundation's membership.

As the “Bastina” Foundation was established as a non-profit organization, the membership decided to start working for the welfare of the community.

On Pentecost Feast-Day, Sunday 27 th of May 2007, which is the Feast-Day of the Holy Trinity Church, the Bastina Foundation donated the church's Feast-Day banquet and, at the end of the event, held its first official meeting and elected the officers (click on “contact us” for the coordinates of the elected officers).

We also invite you all to please click on the “purposes” button to learn more about the Bastina Foundation's future goals. (Ion Anton, Los Angeles).

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