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Nicolae Olar was born September 22, 1936 in Alibunar, Banat, Yugoslavia – present day Serbia. He was married with Ana Olar and has three children from that marriage: Lucian, Marinica, and Gabriel.

Education / studies:

Upon completing the general high school studies he enrolled in the army where he served for two years in Slovenia where he was deployed in the specialized ski patrol unit division. Upon returning from the army, he completed advanced technical mechanics training studies in Pancevo, Yugoslavia in 1960. He then became and worked as the director for an agricultural mechanics firm between 1960 – 1963.

In 1963, he left Yugoslavia with his wife and son, Lucian and spent 1 year in Italy within the immigrant refugee camp in Napoli. In 1964 he obtained a visa to immigrate in the United States where he moved with his family. He lived in Cleveland Ohio until 1965 and he moved to California with his family that year. In 1967 his daughter Marinica was born, and in 1968, his youngest son, Gabriel was born.

Between 1966 and 1973, Nicolae Olar worked in the tool and dye industry for a firma that contracted for the military and the aerospace industry. During that time, he started his entrepreneurial activities by first buying a car wash then a gas station. He also starts investing in real estate by buying his first apartment building in 1968. That same year, he moved his family to Redondo Beach, California where he also owned his apartment building.

Nicolae Olar then launched his career as the developer of real-states concentrating his activities in the South Bay area where he acquires multiple apartment buildings and builds numerous new construction projects. He started several companies amongst which were Olar Enterprises, O&P Development Company, and Olar Enterprises - South Pacific Coast Highway – all with offices in Redondo Beach. During this time period, Nicolae Olar became one of the largest – most generous supporters and contributors of the Romanian communities ion Los Angeles and elsewhere – including his hometown of Alibunari, Yugoslavia.

In 1977, he moved with hi family to Palos Verdes Estates where he lived until 1998. During that period his daughter, Marinica, married Kalin Spariosu in 1987 and shortly after his two grandsons, Calin Nicoale Spariosu, and Marin Gheorghe Spariosu were born in 1988 and 1993 respectively.

After 1998, he moved to Lomita, California. In 2006 his youngest son Gabriel married his present wife, Tracy Golden.

During the last few years – already in poor health, Nicolae succeeded to sponsor and build a monument to the bombing victims of 1944 in his home town of Alibunari – amongst these victims was Nicolae's mother who perished young during that bombing raid. Nick successfully organized a large contingent of contributors both from the United States and from abroad in order to compete this monument in a timely fashion. One of his last wishes was to visit his hometown, Alibunari that he planned to do in 2008. Unfortunately, his wish did not materialize and he passed away peacefully in his home on November 18, 2007.

Nicolae Olar leaves behind his wife, Ana Olar, his sons Lucian and Gabriel, daughter Marinica, grandchildren Calin and Marin, son in law Kalin, his nieces from his (deceased) brother Pau, Lidia and Sylvia, his half brother, Sima Olar with his family who still lives in Alibunari. In addition to his immediate family, he is also mourned by his in-law Maria Spariosu, his sister in law, Doina Marijanovic, and her three children, Marijana, Sanja and Dejan, and his mother in law, Maria Martinov.

Nicolae Olar was a wonderful husband, father and friend and will truly be missed by many, as he was known as the king of hearts. May he rest in peace.

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